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Pioneering the
Telephone as Media
since 1983

We are the oldest and most experienced telephone
information services company in the business.

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Answer the questions they ask every day ...

Everyone wants to know the weather -
and when they do, they want it NOW - on demand!

Cellbee Weather-by-Phone Services- provided under your name or brand - offer the fastest and easiest resource available for the local weather forecast - faster and easier than radio, TV or, in most cases, even the Internet

Newspapers, Shoppers, Penny Savers, Weeklies, Magazines
Cellbee Weather-by-Phone provides a valuable information service for your readers and your community, an added benefit for your advertisers and an additional revenue stream for your company.

Cellbee Weather-by-Phone
Provide the latest weather forecast  and
the correct time of day - instantly over the phone -
along with your advertising/promotional message.

Telephone weather services are nothing new.  The phone has been a popular source of recorded weather forecasts and time announcements since it was introduced by New York Telephone in 1939.  We've been providing interactive telephone weather services since the 1980's (including being the contract operator of New York Telephone's original service).

What's new is the Cellbee Weather-by-Phone collection of all-inclusive interactive
time and weather packages, coupled with 21st century telecom technology.  Cellbee Weather-by-Phone enables publishers, broadcasters, institutions, organizations and advertisers of all types to provide valuable time and weather services to their communities, with no effort and minimal cost.  We take care of everything, including all telecom interconnections, equipment and production - even forecast updates recorded by our in-house staff of professional broadcast announcers.  You get the recognition for providing this important public service.

Choose Your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone Application:

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Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities
Cellbee Weather-by-Phone provides a valuable information service for your community while promoting your institution and generating public good will.

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Business Branding, Advertising and Corporate Identity of All Types
From small retail shops to professional practices to automobile dealerships to large corporations and every business in between - enhance your public image and brand identity while generating new business.  Cellbee Weather-by-Phone provides a valuable public service in your name, while delivering your company's message, around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one-on-one, directly over the telephone, to a multitude of callers who are listening with complete attention. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool.  

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Radio Stations - Television Stations
Supplement and promote your news and weather operation.  Provide an additional service to the public.  Provide an additional benefit to your advertisers.  Gain an additional revenue stream.

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Provide the Time and Weather - Promote Your Brand
Whether you are a LEC, CLEC, ILEC, Wireless Carrier or VoIP Provider, you in a terrific position to benefit from Cellbee Weather-by-Phone.

Retail, Home Services, Professional Practices
Cellbee Weather-by-Phone is an amazingly powerful advertising program.

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We have a fantastic program for you.
Take a look at what we can do for your clients - and for you.