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Pioneering Interactive Telephone Media Since 1983
Cellbee (tm)  Weather-by-Phone is a"Telemedia" project of
Larry Weiss Associates, Inc., the oldest and most experienced interactive telephone news and information company in the world.

Founded in 1983 by Larry Weiss, an experienced radio broadcaster, award winning advertising guru and innovative technologist, Larry Weiss Associates (LWA) is well known for its ground-breaking work in Interactive Telemedia (also known as “audiotex”) - the use of the telephone, interactive voice information systems and proven broadcasting techniques to communicate, promote and inform.

In the 1980's LWA was a pioneer in the development and implementation of voice information systems and corporate voice mail systems, and quickly began development of consumer applications for the dissemination of news, information, entertainment and social networking. LWA was the inventor of interactive telephone classifieds and personal ads (social networking via the phone), as well as one of the original and most significant vendors affiliated with New York Telephone's “Interactive Information Network”, and New England Telephone's “Information Delivery Service”.

Over the last quarter century, in conjunction with “Baby Bell” telephone carriers such as Verizon and its predecessors Bell Atlantic, New York Telephone, New England Telephone and NYNEX, as well as other major carriers including Ameritech (now AT&T Teleholdings, Inc.), Pac Bell, RCN, MCI and Sprint, LWA has provided several major markets with interactive weather information services and other innovative programming, and has operated multi-market service bureaus throughout the country enabling “information providers” of all types to enter the Interactive Telemedia arena.

In 2009, LWA's Cellbee Audiotex platform won the prestigious LISA Award for excellence in technology and design. Cellbee Weather-by-Phone is one of several service offerings based upon the Cellbee platform, and takes full advantage of LWA's broadcasting and technology experience and facilities.

Founder and president Larry Weiss is likewise well known for his work on a variety of notable and award winning advertising campaigns.  He is also a professional Life Coach, a small business consultant, a talented musician and voiceover artist, and he is active in a variety of community organizations.  More about Larry Weiss can be found here.

Larry Weiss Associates, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Plainview, Long Island, New York.

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Pioneering the
Telephone as Media
since 1983

We are the oldest and most experienced telephone
information services company in the business.

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