For Institutions and Organizations

Your institution or organization is a hub of your community.  As such, the public looks to you for information and leadership.  That puts you in a perfect position to provide telephone weather services to the community, and to benefit from that service.

Use Cellbee Weather-by-Phone to provide the weather and correct time to your staff, patients, interested parties and the community at large.  While you're at it, you can also provide the public with information about your services and events, as well as instructions in times of emergency.

Colleges and Universities, Public and Private Schools
Cellbee Weather-by-Phone not only provides the time and weather to your student and staff, interested parties and the community at large, it also allows you to announce weather related closings as well as school news and events.

Non Profit Organizations
Use Cellbee Weather-by-Phone to raise funds for your organization while you provide the time and weather to your members as well as the public at large.  Offer sponsorship messages on Your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone to benefactors and/or commercial businesses.  You can also use your service to announce your organizations' news and upcoming events, and even use it as an emergency cancellation line in the event of inclement weather or other reasons.

Chambers of Commerce - Main Street Associations
With Cellbee Weather-by-Phone you provide a valuable and much appreciated service to the community.  Take advantage by providing sponsorship messages for your members, or by promoting the benefits of shopping your business district or Main Street.

Cellbee Weather-by-Phone is a valuable and appreciated community service
Take advantage of that fact.
Provide your own weather service to the public
with Cellbee Weather-by-Phone


Hospitals, Universities, Non-Profits,
School Districts, Chambers of Commerce

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