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Cellbee Weather-by-Phone
a positive, effective marketing solution.

The Challenge:
Reinforce your brand with frequent, consistent and affordable communications about your company's benefits and activities- directly to existing and potential customers, as well as the general public .

The Solution:
Cellbee Weather-by- Phone - very simple, very effective, very inexpensive.

The Plan:
• Establish a Cellbee Weather-by-Phone service in your market area - your very own 24 / 7 telephone weather forecast service - offered as a free public service by your business.
• Promote your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone service via existing advertising, billing inserts, correspondence, your Web site. (Your customers and the general public will be grateful to learn of your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone service and will use it regularly).
• Each time they use the service, your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone callers not only get the correct time and their local weather report, they also hear custom produced messages reminding them of the benefits of your company's products, services and community involvement.
• Callers can also choose to hear short custom produced recorded featurettes explaining such topics as gas/electric benefits, conservation, safety tips, heating system modernization benefits - whatever you feel is important.

The Benefits:
Build prestige and goodwill by offering a valuable public service. Everyone wants to know the weather (some absolutely must know the weather) - and when they do, they want it NOW - on demand! Your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone service provides the fastest and easiest resource available for the local weather forecast - faster and easier than radio, TV or the Internet.
Deliver your company's message around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one-on-one, directly over the telephone, to a multitude of callers who are listening with complete attention. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool.
No competition for consumer attention. Your Cellbee Weather-by-Phone service is exclusively yours. The only advertising messages callers will hear will be your own.
Reinforce consumer confidence in your brand with consistent reassuring messages attached to a valuable public service vehicle.
• Your marketing and informational messages can be changed or updated on extremely short notice, in many cases instantly. This is especially valuable in the event of a threatening or emergency situation.
Know who is calling, with available call data reports.
Learn more about your callers by asking them a series of questions with the available feedback feature.

The Cost:
Surprisingly inexpensive!  Cellbee Weather-by-Phone is probably the most cost effective customer-retention advertising/marketing plan you will ever come across - most likely ranking among the least expensive items in your marketing budget. Call us for a chat and a quote and see for yourself.  1-800-693-0116.


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