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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cellbee?
Cellbee is a the award winning cell phone audio tour guide - providing audio narratives, news, information and entertainment via the phone.  Be it a walking tour of local historical and notable sights in your community, real estate for sale, museum exhibits, galleries, product tutorials - even the weather - the list is endless.  Rather than use a special audio player, users access the tour from their cell phones (or, actually, any telephone).

What makes Cellbee the best choice for our organization?
Presentation is Everything.  There are lots of good technologies out there, and award-winning Cellbee is among the best of them.  However, Cellbee is the only telephone audio guide designed, built and operated by broadcasters and advertising professionals.  We know exactly what we're doing when it comes to producing excellent audio presentations - both in production quality and program flow.  We know what works ... and, just as importantly, we know what doesn't.  It takes our kind of experience and skill to create the very best phone presentations  - presentations that are not only informative, but also entertaining, engaging and engrossing.  We deliver -  - and we deilver, present your to win the LISA award for  

How can we use Cellbee to generate revenue for our organization?
Cellbee is an excellent advertising vehicle.  Businesses will pay you to advertise on your Cellbee Audio Tour.  Sponsorships are available for the entire tour, and/or for individual presentations.

Is there any charge for users to call Cellbee?
No.  Cellbee is provided free of charge to all callers.  The only charge (if any) is for the local telephone call itself.

Who writes the Cellbee dialogue?
Our professionals work closely with you to create your Cellbee narratives.  Your staff and ours collaborate on each script to make sure it meets with our specifications as well as your approval -  or you can do-it-yourself.  Its up to you

Our our exhibits and grounds are historical in nature.  Do you have a cellular tour guide product for us?
Our History Phone (tm) Cellular Tour Guide is specically designed for smaller, local Historical Societies, Museums and Historic Sites.  Go to www.historyphone.net.

Aren't visitors worried about using expensive cell phone minutes?
Not usually.  Most cell phone users are less concerned about minute usage than they used to be and rarely let such concerns discourage cell phone use.  Cell phone calling plans now offer more and more minutes for less money, and evening and weekend minutes are often free.  What's more, many carriers are now offering unlimited calling plans.

We find cell phone conversations to be a distraction and an annoyance in our facility and we discourage cell phone use.  Wouldn't Cellbee pose a conflict?
Not really.  Cellbee poses no more of an annoyance that any other personal audio listening device.  Callers are strictly listening on their phone, not talking, thereby annoying no one.  Cell phone policies can easily be amended to allow for Cellbee listening only.

We already offer a guided audio tour via a dedicated listening device.  Why should we consider Cellbee?
Cellbee can either replace or supplement your current audio tour program.  Cellbee is more easily updated (immediately in real time if necessary), can be easily customized and can be set up for special exhibits and tours.  Cellbee eliminates concerns over damage or loss to rented or loaned equipment.  Cellbee is incredibly convenient in an outdoor or community scenario, such as viewing historic sights and landmarks.

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