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What is Cellbee?

When visiting large museums, you may remember using a special radio receiver or audio player to listen to pre-recorded guided explanations of the exhibits.

Now, imagine how great it would be to offer visitors to your business, museum or institution, residents and visitors to your community, similar pre-recorded guided information without having to provide expensive, delicate, easily misplaced equipment.

That's Cellbee!  Only, instead of using a special listening device, visitors and sightseers listen to your community's or institution's professionally produced guided tour over their cell phones.

Cellbee utilizes state of the art technology and is one of the most sophisticated systems available.  With a capability of 9,999 different presentations accessible through menus or by direct entry, Cellbee lends itself well for nearly any audio guide application.  However, it's simplicity of design and extreme low cost also makes it the perfect choice for budget conscious smaller businesses and non-profit historical societies, organizations, museums and institutions.

So easy to use - just dial in and your tour begins.  We even provide you with a telephone number that is local/regional to your area - available in thousands of regions throughout the United States and Canada, and over 50 countries around the world - included in Cellbee's low price.


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