How It Works

Its So Easy ...  
Visitors to your facility see your local Cellbee number on one of the Cellbee placards placed at your local sights ... or perhaps they see the number on the Web or in a brochure.  Following the easiest of instructions, they use their cell phones to call your local Cellbee number and follow simple menu commands to select the specific local sight or item of interest.  They then listen to the custom produced professionally recorded narrative about that item or sight, as well as other sights on your custom produced Cellbee tour.

Choose one of two easy ways to implement Cellbee:
1.  We do it all for you.

You or your personnel select the sights or exhibits to include in your Cellbee tour, and provides us with a written outline or dialogue about each sight.  Cellbee staff will then work closely with your personnel as your material is prepared, edited, scripted and professionally produced into fascinating recorded narratives for each sight.  Upon your approval, the narratives are then incorporated into your exclusive Cellbee audio tour.  Updates can be professionally recorded as needed.  You will also be given access to immediately update or add recordings yourself, as needed.
- or-

2.  Do it yourself

We'll provide you with easy to follow instructions and access codes to prepare, record and update your Cellbee audio tour.  You can instantly update any part of your tour at any time from any telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including adding, changing or deleting introductory or special announcements, sponsor advertisements, emergency messages and every other part of your tour.

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